Winter Dathun

Let in by a star

dark, silent beauty of night

we became the shrines


non-conceptual body

Dropping under the flesh

where thoughts give way to experience

living and loving unconditionally in such a beautiful way

as the body knows all and never fails

Letting go the revolving concepts that are memories

We come to live in the naked, unborn immediacy of reality

And maybe a concept arises that is of beneficial use

But just a “touch and go” moment, then back into the heart;

into the love of space

But what about…



Yes sir, I see the bulging billfold;

the flash of your bodily decorations,

 loud, sure tone, in which you speak.

But what of the silence?

What does it say to you?


Yes, I’ve noticed the thousands of facts memorized

and perfectly timed quotes you deliver..

But what of the silence?

Who does it speak of?


And yes, I have taken note of your perfect posture;

wearing the right pendants and clothing

and moving ever so slowly…

But what of the silence?

That which does not speak to form or concept.


What of the silence?


I & I



The mediator,

of scholar-practitioner?

…warmth and compassion.



Three dance steps involved

to vajra-like samadhi

are already known



Karuna, the dance

The sweet music of prajna

Wisdom the setting