Meeting ourselves



Ultimately, there’s only one solution: how we live with and treat each other. But in order to do this in a beneficial way, we have to learn how to live with and treat ourselves properly.



Just as we cannot push away people, nature and the aspects of our lives that we find uncomfortable and threatening, just the same, we cannot treat any aspect of ourselves in this manner. Sitting with ourselves, daily, we find space; allowing all aspects to arise, without grasping or pushing away; the good and the bad. And eventually, we can drop these labels, these concepts, and experience ourselves with equanimity, where good nor bad no  longer exists. Just simple, naked experience. Then we can live in the world in this way.



It can brutal at times. But eventually you will start to see that it is what you have longed for your whole life. That thing in the back of your head since you were a child that you just couldn’t seem to put your finger on….always just out of reach; music, art, relationships-they all came close but couldn’t write make it clear….It’s always been there. Pure, unfiltered, unconditional love. But the thing that always keeps us from getting there…… starts with ourselves. And yes, it is a lot of work. And yep, it can get pretty damn messy. But hey, whatta we got to lose….except suffering.


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Trust is the gateway:


for i mes ra bulls



Absolute maitri

In the natural state

all is welcomed

and allowed

While to many

this speaks of bliss

beauty and dancing

it also includes

pain, torment and agony



sympathetic joy


non-conceptual body

Dropping under the flesh

where thoughts give way to experience

living and loving unconditionally in such a beautiful way

as the body knows all and never fails

Letting go the revolving concepts that are memories

We come to live in the naked, unborn immediacy of reality

And maybe a concept arises that is of beneficial use

But just a “touch and go” moment, then back into the heart;

into the love of space

I & I



The mediator,

of scholar-practitioner?

…warmth and compassion.



Three dance steps involved

to vajra-like samadhi

are already known



Karuna, the dance

The sweet music of prajna

Wisdom the setting