Interesting fact I learned about photo saving

TIFF and PNG are lossless files, and will retain all data found in the original image file, no matter how many times you change or resave them. Working with these types of files is the best way to ensure optimum results for your prints. However, the drawback is they have extremely large file sizes, which can be more cumbersome to work with and upload to your Imagekind galleries.

JPEG’s have smaller file sizes due to the compression methods used. A JPEG is a lossy file, so if it is edited and saved many times it will degrade because too much compression can cause the images to lose information. Over time, this will result in an unprintable image file. The amount of data lost can be controlled by the JPEG quality settings function when saving your file in Photoshop. A high-quality JPEG can be an excellent compromise between file size and image dependability. JPEG files are smaller size, and therefore faster to upload to your Imagekind galleries.

Files that are lossless or use lossless compression retain all data found in the original file no matter how many times you change or resave them. The integrity of the file information is most important – so these files can be very large.
These files lose data over time as they are edited and saved due to their compression methods. For a lossy file, size of the file is more important than the file contents.

Have faster uploads while keeping your images perfect!
We recommend doing any editing or Photoshop work with a lossless original (such as a TIF file), and then saving the file as a highest-quality JPEG. This will keep any editing from degrading your files, but allow you to have quicker uploads.
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I’m going to start selling some artwork I’ve done. Hope it’s useful.

Freed Fireflies

Illusory veils

Blankets upon the mind

Capturing up moments

like imprisoned fireflies

Heed the warmth, flicker-flame

As awareness becomes fire

Fuel for the journey

Coals of desire

Waiting Room

Tonight I sit with riddled awe

For I could not convey what I saw

A lack of perspective?  Not the right words?

Once again I’ve met a solid wall

Offered a bit of empty self

It was received as self-righteousness

So now I see no matter my attempt

It’ll often be greeted by mortar and cement.

Sisyphus (repost)



Striving to multiply

the brilliance of the sun

while our energy binds

the beauty of the night.

I just came across a blog run by a man I met at Winter Dathun last December, Ben Riggs.  His latest posting related to this poem I wrote some time ago. Glad to see the center is working out well Ben.

If I die tonight…




If I was to die tonight, and was never able to share another thing with anyone, it would be the talk, “Intimacy with experience.”

(excert from talk)
” It’s as if the universe itself is our consort. And the universe itself loves us so intensely, that every moment of our life it is trying to get through to us and show us our own journey. This is not a theory.”

You can go to the following link and download it, free. It is included in the “Dathun 2011-2012 Highlights,” free download. It’s track number 3.

Annnnddddd..for my family members and friends; it’s a great way to gain some insight into the path I follow. I know it seems completely crazy at times. And, fair enough, it often is. But at least you’ll be able to somewhat understand where I’m coming from.

Please listen. It is all true

A soldiers prayer for compassion

In this night that is black and darkened with the worst of pain,

May the blessings of everything around us, connect to us.

I ask not to be swift, accurate or courageous;

I ask that I will need none of these attributes,

and that our enemies are fortunate enough not to bear the burden of our


May kindness, love and the truest compassion bless their souls and

everything that they may touch.

May we feel the repocussions of that love;

of that most spacious grace.

I wrote this prayer September 6th, 2006 while in Iraq. A dozen or so soldiers recited it every night, before we went on missions. From what I was told, they continued saying it after I took off my uniform.

Mohandas was the first to show me that there are no enemies,  simply “other.”  But my heart shows me that I still regard and treat my past and greater self as such. To maitri.